PUSH Research and Development Institute


        PUSH Group R & D Institute is an R & D platform set up by PUSH Group, R & D Institute headquarters building is located High-tech Western Zone of Chengdu, Provincial Capital of Sichuan.PUSH R & D Institute cooperates with domestic and foreign well-known enterprises and research institutes such as Nippon Maru, Chongqing University, Southwest Jiaotong University, Sichuan University and the like with an open attitude, collocates talents all over the world, and provides customers with excellent products and excellent service, wherein auto molds which are developed with Nippon Maru Company in a combined mode, variable displacement piston pump developed with Southwest Jiaotong University in a combined mode, and other products have become high-tech products occupying domestic leading position, which ensures PUSH Group\"s leading position in the industry. Chengdu PUSH R & D Institute has many domestic and foreign senior technical personnel, is equipped with various advanced research and development equipment and software, adopts research concept meeting international requirements, and constantly develops various products capable of meeting the needs of the modern market and customers.

        Currently, the company has become a technical leader provided with a series of science and technology achievements such as independent intellectual property right, domestic and foreign invention patents, national key new products, wherein research, development and industrialization of plastic anti-counterfeiting caps, PET anti-counterfeiting packaging boxes and electro-hydraulic servo proportion control high pressure variable displacement piston pumps, application technique of CAD / CAM in complex curve surfaces (leaves) processing, research and development of automotive covering component stamping dies, and the like reach the world advanced level, a part of mold products obtained the first prize, second prize and other honors in the Eleventh International Exhibition of Fine Molds in China; R & D of extrusion wide breadth solid grating sheets, three-dimensional anti-counterfeit simulation 3D packaging boxes, and novel high precision grating sheet, transparent and cold-resistant PP development synthesis and application, and other techniques have been at the international leading level.