High-speed Railway Technique


        “"High-speed railway" has the advantages of high speed, safety, energy saving and the like as a new mode of transport in modern society. "High-speed railway in China" created a number of world records, which is glory of Chinese manufacturing industry, major achievement of Chinese manufacturing industry transforming from labor-intensive type to technology-intensive type, and new highlight of China\"s exports. "High-speed railway technology" is the core for supporting development of "High-speed railway in China", PUSH Group positively responds to needs of country and society, exerts its R & D strengths, and plays positive role in promoting development of high-speed railway technology in China.
        In 2010, PUSH Group Company successfully developed "High-speed Railway Track Plate CNC Grinding Machine" with independent intellectual property rights. The CNC grinding machine breaks the monopoly of foreign technology, and a number of technical indicators are in the first place all over the world. Meanwhile, PUSH Group also successfully developed a number of high-speed railway technologies such as track plate mold, track plate grinding machine, leveling systems, fastening systems and the like