Mechanical Manufacturing Industry Overview

        Machinery manufacturing industry is one of key industries of PUSH Group with high jumping-off point and diversified development, and is created with huge investment. Machinery manufacturing industry has experienced difficulty and forges ahead, branch (joint venture) companies such as PUSH Molds, PUSH Casting, PUSH Auto Parts, PUSH Heavy Machinery, PUSH Drive, PUSH Ningjiang, Mianyang Xinhua, Nanjing Liuhe PUSH and the like grow and develop rapidly. Machinery manufacturing industry strategic layout displays its talent for the first time, machinery manufacturing industry chain continues to extend and has entered the field of manufacturing the whole machine and core components, the products involve large diesel engines, core components, large precision CNC machine tools, construction machinery, hydraulic complete set equipment and core components, various molds, automobile engine and core components, numerical control systems, information automation products and the like. It has entered heavy equipment manufacturing industry of national key new energy and environmental protection devices such as wind power and energy saving devices, and the like. Its solid foundation and bold momentum have formed modern machinery manufacturing industry with world-class scale, world-class hardware equipment, and world-class management research and development.