Polymer Raw Material Industry Overview

        PUSH "polymer raw materials and deep processing" industry is composed of Plath Packaging Materials Co., Ltd., Sichuan PUSH Cellulose Acetate Limited Liability Company, PUSH Building Material Limited Liability Company and other companies. It integrates R & D, design, processing and manufacturing, is equipped with perfect manufacturing and service system from polymer raw materials and deep processing products to various types of packaging materials and building materials, and has gradually become the leader of industry production. The industry provides Cellulose acetate products, polyester chips, polyester preforms, PET bottles, three-dimensional anti-counterfeit packaging, grating, smooth sheet, three-dimensional image and advertising, caps, pallets, turn-over boxes, gift bags, roasted standard bottles, shrink film, laser film, medical plastic packaging and pipes, pipe fittings and other products. Its products and services spread all over the world with research and custom manufacturing capacity for satisfying many requirements of customer, and it is quickly becoming the industry leader enterprise.