On November 5, 2010, PUSH Group Cellulose Acetate Project Completion Volume Production Ceremony was held in Changning County, Yibin, Sichuan Province. Ge Liaoyuan, Standing Committee Member of Yibin Municipal Committee and vice mayor, Lu Xiaoli, Standing Committee Member of Municipal Committee and Municipal Committee Secretary-General, Wang Guochun, Board Chairman of Wuliangye Group, Li Peiqi, President of PUSH Group, Guido Ghisolfi, Italy M & G Director and General Manager, and the like attended the ceremony and delivered speeches. Wang Guochun, Board Chairman, congratulated volume production of Cellulose Acetate Project of PUSH Group Company and made important instructions to long-term development of the company. Board Chairman Wang indicated that the project is a single project with the largest investment of branch group of Wuliangye Group for developing diversified industry, science and technology contents were improved, the international influence of PUSH Group was enhanced, and the management level and management ability of PUSH Group were intensified through cooperation with M & G, a major group with international influence. This project reflected strategic requirements of Wuliangye Group on PUSH Group, and we should collocate recourses globally from the point of global view with world vision. PUSH Group strives for the product direction affecting national safety and economic safety, we hope that PUSH Group can be stronger and greater further, create influence, and achieve the objective requirements of being ‘prompter of modern manufacturing industry", Ge Liaoyuan, Standing Committee Member of Yibin Municipal Committee and vice mayor declared that PUSH Cellulose Acetate Project was completed with volume production.
PUSH Cellulose Acetate Project was completed with volume production, which represented that PUSH Cellulose Acetate Co., Ltd successfully fills up domestic gap, it has formally become the unique company all over the company with production technique and production ability of cellulose diacetate and cellulose triacetate products, and it is also a major breakthrough for internationalization of polymer raw material industry of PUSH Group Company.
PUSH cellulose acetate project started construction in 2008 with total investment of about 1 billion yuan, and it is one of projects of polymer material industry with key development of PUSH Group. President of Italian M & G Company was amazed at the condition that PUSH cellulose triacetate project can smoothly realize volume production in the shortest time, and he said that PUSH created a record of the shortest project construction time of the world same project, and he indicated that the cooperation with PUSH Group was forward-looking and fruitful. Meanwhile, customer representative of PUSH cellulose acetate project also highly evaluated product quality of cellulose acetate at the same time and showed that he will deeply cooperate with the company. After the ending of the ceremony, leaders and guests came to visit the production plant. Modern, technological, green and environmental-friendly plant left a deep impression on everyone.