PUSH Group Network Training Institute

        PUSH Group Network Training Institute is a high-quality network training institute which was set by PUSH Group for insisting on people orientation, comprehensively improving integrated quality of bone staffs, and intensifying management capacity of management cadres. The training institute mainly adopts network online mode (video lectures + notes) for learning. Learning contents include a total of 15 courses such as personal development class, integrated class, strategic class, human resource class, financial class, production class, marketing class, industry courses, MBA panorama tutorial, leadership class, European Business School, Marketing theater scene, case studies, English class and the like. The tutorial of the institute is updated in real time to meet personalized learning requirements of different staffs at different stages.

        Company human resource department implements credit system for management and develops specific management method of the training institute according to needs analysis, thereby increasing voluntary learning initiative of the staff. The establishment of PUSH Group Network Institute shares business knowledge base through information platform in the enterprise, thereby closely melting enterprise development trace and employee growth path, building learning-type enterprise, and providing guarantee for building a complete enterprise training system and creating innovative and dynamic modern enterprise.