PUSH Group Company is located in Yibin, the fist City of Yangtze River, it is sub-group company under Wuliangye Group and formerly known as the 615 workshop of Wuliangye Winery, and Wuliangye Group Plastics Corporation was established in 1998. The company changed its name to "Sichuan Yibin PUSH Group Co., Ltd" in August of 2003 due to industry increase. The scale of the company was rapidly expanded, the industrial chain was gradually extended, product structures were increasingly diversified after exploration development for several years, now it has become a high-tech enterprise group with nearly ten thousand staffs, more than 700 professional and technical personnel in various types, total assets of nearly ten billion, and many branch (JV) companies. The company achieved sales revenue of 8.0 billion yuan and profit tax of 820 million yuan in 2009.
Currently, the company mainly consists of two major industries of "machinery manufacturing" and "polymer raw materials and deep processing".
"Machinf Building Sector; industry is composed of branch companies and joint venture companies such as PUSH Molds, PUSH Casting, PUSH Auto Parts, PUSH Drive, PUSH Heavy Machinery, PUSH Ningjiang Machine Tool, Mianyang Xinhua, Nanjing Liuhe PUSH and the like. The products involve large diesel engines, core components, large precision CNC machine tools, construction machinery, hydraulic complete set equipment and core components, precision and high speed molds, automobile engine and core components, numerical control systems, information automation products and the like. It has entered heavy equipment manufacturing industry of national key new energy and environmental protection devices such as wind power and energy saving devices, and the like.
"Polymer raw material and deep processing" industry is composed of Plath Packaging Materials Co., Ltd., Sichuan PUSH Cellulose Acetate Limited Liability Company, PUSH Building Material Limited Liability Company, Chengdu PUSH Pharmaceutical Plastic Packaging Co., Ltd., Qingdao PUSH Baofeng Industrial Co., Ltd. and the like. It integrates R & D, design, processing and manufacturing, is equipped with perfect manufacturing and service system from polymer raw materials and deep processing products to various types of packaging materials and building materials, and has gradually become the leader of industry production technique. The industry provides cellulose acetate products, polyester chips, polyester preforms, PET bottles, three-dimensional anti-counterfeit packaging, grating or smooth sheet, three-dimensional image and advertising, caps, pallets, turn-over boxes, gift bags, roasted standard bottles, shrink film, laser film, thin-wall containers, medical plastic packaging, pipes, pipe fittings and other products.
Human resources and sophisticated equipment with global allocation, advanced scientific management experience, efficient and professional technical personnel and sound high quality management system provide guarantee for world-class production capacity of PUSH Group. Our products have occupied the domestic market and exported to more than 20 countries in Europe, America and Southeast Asia. As a successful modern, diversified and international enterprise, Party and state leaders such as Hu Jintao, Jiang Zemin and the like have come to PUSH Group and gave affectionate care and great encouragement to staffs of PUSH.
PUSH Group adheres to business philosophy "Carefully casting staff and developing modern products. To be promoters of modern manufacturing industry and to fully strive for enabling modern customers to enjoy modern achievements!", we closely cooperate with international renowned enterprises and research institutes, and realize the objective of continuously driving development of China modern manufacturing industry through tireless efforts.